2150+ Yard Long Range Shooting School Wyoming

Too Expensive? Not for some.

Not everyone is up for the challenge, but for those that seek a turnkey 2150+ Yard Long Range Shooting School Wyoming long distance rifle opportunity, this could be a perfect choice! Nomad Rifleman (NR) is a part of the Jackson Hole Experience Group, a family of vacation activity firms based in Jackson Hole.

Featured in Forbes and many other national publications, NR is world renowned as the most intense and relaxed way to shoot long distance. NR offers a day of long range shooting aimed to assist successful entrepreneurs and is designed to “respect our client’s limited time.” It is admittedly the most expensive long range shooting experience in the world.

Best gear for your shooting experienceFounder Shepard Humphries says that while at long range matches he is frequently asked by fellow competitive shooters about NR high prices. Humphries explains that his clients have achieved success in the business world and want the best. He has learned that “the best” is a unique combination of rustic western with luxury touches.

“This is not a Texas hunting camp or a wingshooting facility with a dozen other guests sharing your space, we are on a private ranch in the middle of nowhere Wyoming with a staff including 2 instructors (one of whom will be either Scott Austin or Humphries), a camp host, a chef and an assistant chef all completely focused on providing you with one of the best days of your life.” -Shepard Humphries

Some prefer Toyota and some prefer Rolls Royce, some prefer Motel 6 and some prefer the Four Seasons and some get there by commercial air while others use their own jet. Few can afford NR, which is fine with Humphries, who says that opportunity costs play a big role in pricing. “This is a for-profit business” said Humphries, “but it is more accurately described as a passion. Scott and I have many other projects we are involved in, and while we are excited to share our favorite activity of long range shooting in Wyoming with new friends, and we frankly need to be compensated for not working on our other concerns. Fortunately, less than 83 people a year agree with me, which allows us to focus on our “real jobs.”

Too Expensive? Not for some. Luxury is expensive and not everyone sees the value in a $400k vehicle, $18k/night lodging, ownership of multiple homes, planes and boats or frequent luxury travel. Some do.

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