Civilain Sniper School

Our Approach

Our founder Shepard Humphries was a police SWAT Team sniper team leader.  After retiring from law enforcement and becoming an entrepreneur in the shooting experience and instruction sector, he recognized something missing and seized/created the opportunity.  Successful people that demand the best and that have limited time resources want to achieve long range shooting success.  Learn more about long range shooting experience instructors on our team.


Our Story

Shepard Humphries, Scott Austin and Steve Marsteller wondered “what if.”

What if we catered to affluent adventure seekers?

What if we provided the world’s highest level of shooting instruction?

What if a professional chef prepared gourmet appetizers and meals on site?

What if private and exclusive locations could be found?

What if the world’s most successful people could have an opportunity to achieve one mile shots … with hits!?!

Meet the Team

Shepard, the founder, is a former Law Enforcement Regional SWAT Sniper Team Leader.



Shepard Humphries

Entrepreneur and teacher Shepard Humphries leads the world’s mist exclusive consortium of long range shooting instructors.  “Getting good hits with us, AND when our clients return to their home ranges is our goal.”

Shepard emphasizes that his instructors do NOT sell rifles and have NO conflict of interest.

Shepard Humphries Long Range Shooting
Shepard Humphries Left

Scott Austin

Scott Austin, a Christian College administrator, is co-founder.

A life-long hunter with a passion for long range shooting has achieved world records few can dream of, once hitting a one mile target 5 times in a row at 15+ MPH gusty winds.  Gratitude is Scott’s middle name, and your will be grateful to meet your new friend – We promise.

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Steve Marstellar

Mutual friend and respected shooter Steve Marstellar is a retired construction contractor that has had a many-year passion for long range shooting.

He personally coaches a former US government V.P. is a highly rated instructor and has studied long range shooting … ad nauseam.  His blind daughter plinks at 200 yards.  Yep.

steve marsteller long range shooting instructor

Next Steps…

We are not cheap, rather we strive to design perfect experiences.  We look for pain points in long range shooting experiences and training and solve them with excellence.  Shooters that prefer Rolex and Patek Philippe watches over Timex appreciate what we offer.  ⊕

Shoot One Mile Shots