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The original luxury shooting experience firm, Jackson Hole Shooting, LLC, has a new subsidiary, Nomad Rifleman.  This is the one mile shot best long range shooting school in the United States.  A 1 mile shot and successful hit is not guaranteed, but Nomad Rifleman founder Shepard Humphries says, “Our long range shooting school in Wyoming has a 95%+ success rate of helping our students get on target at 1 mile in one day.”

What is a great family bonding experience?  Shoot 1 mile in Jackson Hole and bond with the people you care about.  See Jackson Hole Shooting Experience for booking details HERE.

Shoot 1 mile jackson hole

Reading Wind

Wind plays a huge role!  Sometimes the rifle is pointed 15 meters to the right or left of the target and the wind blows the bullet onto target.  It is very challenging to judge wind and figure out the proper solution for each shot.  Having an excellent spotter is very important to achieving a mile long hit!

PRIVATE long rang shooting instruction

Almost all long range shooting schools teach in a group setting, with some students being far more advanced than others.  Frequently, the pace is such that the top half of the class move ahead while the bottom half fall behind.  This difference is amplified as more layers are added onto the day, and students fall further and further behind.

At Nomad Rifleman, all training is done on a private basis and is based off of the book written by founders Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries.  This allows each person to be “met where they are” and helped to grow.  Having 12 students at $1,000 each grosses $12,000 and when 10 or 11 of the students are removed, to maintain the gross revenue, the school must keep the day’s price at the same level.  Some UHNWI find this to be “worth it” while other don’t.  Some find that watching YouTube videos is the best fit for their financial situation.

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