ELR Two Mile Shooting Experience

Many people want to achieve new “personal bests.” This 5-Star firearms adventure helps HNW adventure travelers achieve 1, 2 and 3 mile extreme long range shooting milestones worthy of a true sense of accomplishment and pride. Each ELR Two Mile Shooting Experience is customized for each client.

The pocket aces that make this experience the undisputed international benchmark are Scot Austin and Shepard Humphries. They are world class experts in extreme long range shooting. Through decades of combined study, experience, failure and success, they have perfected bespoke extreme long range shooting experiences with their Nomad Rifleman services.

Having served thousands of discriminating clients, Shepard and Scott know how to provide upscale service, even in the middle of a desert shooting location. Your time is valuable, and this firm is happy to accommodate the busy person that wants to touch down at the nearest FBO, have a ground transfer to the shooting area, shoot for a couple of hours, then be returned to the FBO for wheels up and ready for the next part of a busy day.

Traditional teaching methods are ignored by this firm. “Spending three days with 12 other students beside you being preached at by a hard-core “operator” or a bragging chubby hunter isn’t the best way to learn or to have fun,” says Shepard Humphries. “We wondered if their was a market for high-end extreme long range shooting experiences and instruction, and we created and remain at the top of this niche.” This firm is responsible for helping many people earn their membership in the One Mile Club.

This ELR Two Mile Shooting Experience is the perfect gift for oneself or the person that already has everything. See details and pricing at https://nomadrifleman.com/services/

elr two mile shooting experience

Extreme Long Range Shooting BookNomad Rifleman principals Shepard Humphries
and Scott Austin will be publishing their book on
Extreme Long Range Shooting in 2020,
learn more HERE.


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