Introduction to Long Range Shooting College Class with CWC

Central Wyoming College offers this Long Range Rifle College Class that is a perfect introduction for shooters that have previously only been comfortable shooting from 100 to 300 yards.

Introduction to Long Range Shooting Precision Rifle Shooting

Shepard Humphries, JH Wyoming Shooting Experience

Saturday, April 14

9 am-3 pm

$150  |    Jackson, Wyoming

Bring your own guns/gear/ammo or use JH Shooting Experience guns/gear (ammunition would be separate and paid directly on range, if using JHSE gear…)

Long Range Rifle College Class

​Long range precision rifle shooting is a fast growingsport, and Jackson Hole is home to Shepard Humphries, a fun long-range shooting instructor.​  Join us for both classroom and range time as Shepard  and staff introduce the basics of long range shooting.  Topics touched upon will include ballistics, rifle & optics selection, shooting technique and much more.

Perhaps you are familiar with shooting from field positions like seated with shooting sticks or leaning against a tree and maybe from the bench rest position at the shooting range. In this class, we will shoot from the benchrest position and also from the prone position and our focus will be on mid to long-range shooting, in other words moving well beyond one or two hundred yards.  Most students will hit the 600 yard Target comfortably by the end of the day!

We will cover topics like sighting in the rifle, how to adjust the scope, how much each shooter’s bullet drops at various distances, wind effects, temperature effects, elevation effects and much more. We will work on the fundamentals of shooting rifles and make sure that you are familiar with your equipment and ready to pursue long range rifle shooting as a hobby or as a hunter that wants to harvest meat in an ethical way.

While hunting shots are typically taken at less than 300 yards, getting practice and skill shooting at twice that distance helps build skills and confidence so that the hunter is more ethical at closer distances.   Too many hunters assume that they can sight their gun in each fall with a couple shots and then be ready to hunt large game and be successful. While this is often the case and luck is on the side of the hunter and hunted, this kind of carelessness also leads to many animals that are wounded and wind up suffering when they are not found. This long range rifle college class is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your rifle and how it performs and to improve your skills.

Shepard Humphries also offers private one-day long range rifle experiences and more affordable 2-hour private pre-hunt sessions.  This class through CWC makes responsible rifle shooting financially accessible for everyone at only $150!

Call CWC at 307-733-7425 to register.


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