Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors

Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors

Scott Austin ~ Ryan Cleckner ~ Shepard Humphries ~ Todd Hartnett ~ Steve Marstellar

Scott Austin Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors
Scott Austin

Scott Austin is an avid long range shooter.  His background in hunting prepared him for his extension into long range rifle shooting.  Scott enjoys using the latest gadgets, reloads to ensure his precision is optimal, and appreciates good optics.  His favorite ranges to shoot are 100 to 1,800 yards, which is a challenge in Wyoming’s high winds.  In mid-2018, he was observed hitting a 1-mile target in 15 MPH gusty winds 5 times in a row!  He has a quiet and analytical style of instruction, and those that shoot with him leave having made a new friend.  He is a co-founder of Nomad Rifleman.

Top 5 Long Range Shooting InstructorsRyan Clecker is an experienced government warrior who has gone on to achieve success in many areas.  He has been heavily promoted by the NSSF in their long range rifle video series.  He is an attorney and an author as well.  Unlike the stereotypical demeanor of a former military operator, his teaching style is very approachable.

Shepard Humphries Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors
Shepard Humphries

Shepard Humphries, known as the “billionaire’s shooting coach” began his coaching career in 2010 by inventing the Luxury Entertainment Shooting sector in the shooting instruction industry.  His Jackson Hole Shooting Experience firm offers entertainment shooting activities for well heeled travelers to Wyoming.  In 2017 he formed the Nomad Rifleman brand.  He offers civilian-only training in long range and extreme long range rifle shooting.  His easygoing style and sense of humor have made him a sought-after, and the world’s most expensive private long range rifle shooting instructor.

long range sniper instructor

Todd is a civilian long range shooter and industry innovator.  His focus is on assisting government soldiers develop skills for war.  He also offers civilian training along with his team, and his gentle and patient attitude make him a favorite.  He offers group classes for cheap rates and are well-respected and well-known from his Magpul long range shooting video.

steve marsteller Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors
Steve Marstellar

Steve (RIP) was an experienced hunter and long range shooter.  He appreciated high-end equipment and was loved by his students for his genuine passion for sharing his favorite sport, long range rifle shooting.  Steve resided in  Wyoming where he owned a construction firm and worked as a part time Wyoming shooting instructor for JH Shooting, LLC with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and Nomad Rifleman.  His daughter is legally blind, however Steve had adapted her AR with an iPhone such that she could still plink beyond 200 yards.

What does it take to be on the list of Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors?

  • This is not a list of the world’s best long range shooters.
  • This is not a list of the world’s most intelligent firearms related engineers.
  • This list IS of the world’s Top 5 long range shooting instructors.

Coaching is different than doing, which is why most professional sports teams do not have their players work double-duty as the coach.

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